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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

D2D conference call summary: July 23, 2013

Our third conference call of the season brought up innovative ways to keep youth motivated. Deb Marcinski shared that she entices her group of boys to keep doing their best on their research by setting goals and then doing reward activities. One activity her boys were very interested in doing was to take a "creek walk". This involved wearing waders and moving through the creek to find interesting birds and other organisms. The goal of finishing work for a reward activity motivated the group to finish their research project ahead of schedule! What are ways that you motivate your group to do their best?

The discussion then led to the topic of mildly dangerous animals and plants that the youth may come across. One of the youth handled an IO moth caterpillar and got a small rash. It wasn't a big deal, but was surprising and a little uncomfortable. A quick online search suggested using scotch tape to remove the IO caterpillar spines from the skin and an ice pack to reduce swelling. Coming across these organisms provides a teachable moment about defense and survival strategies.

The next conference call is scheduled for Tues., Aug. 6 at 6:30 p.m. central time. We hope everyone is able to join the phone call for any amount of time on the 6th. Your ideas are important and valuable! Please share! The conference call number is (424) 203-8400 and the passcode is 645698#.

Lis Young-Isebrand

Driven to Discover project team member

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