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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Dear 2013 Driven to Discover adult leaders

Welcome to our summer 2013 newsletter or, better known as the "D2D ezine!" This is a source for you as you work with the Driven to Discover Citizen Science teams. There will be six issues, once every two weeks, until mid-August. The project team provides links to resources, tips, updates, and important information through the D2D ezine. YOU provide stories, pictures, video links, questions, comments and stay in touch with the rest of the teams. This year, we have research teams in Wisconsin, Virginia, Ohio, and Minnesota!

The work you are doing this summer is so important for a number of reasons. First and foremost, it is important for young people. Summer learning loss is a big concern for many parents and educators. We aim for Driven to Discover youth participants to not only retain their science content and process skills, but to BUILD ON and TRANSFER their learning. As one young person told us:

"And you really can learn a lot ... I was doing an experiment that showed which part of or which milkweed plant part was ... the most nutritious and ... I raised so many Monarchs that I will feed them that food now cause I know that they will grow and have a high survival rate. So it's just really helpful too to know and you can teach so many other people. And there's so much stuff that like that you get from this experience that you don't even realize that you have learned until later when ... you'll be in class and we'll be learning about something else and the whole class will be... confused and I'll be like oh I know this cause it's like, even when you weren't studying it that specifically, you remember it cause it's something you just happened to learn while you were outside."

Why do you work with youth to do authentic inquiry through Citizen Science? Please tell us by commenting here.

Have a wonderful summer!

The Driven to Discover Citizen Science Project Team

May 31 - June 2 Driven to Discover training

Over Karen's shoulder on the wall is Pat, our unofficial scientist mascot over the course of the 3-day training at Cedar Creek. The entire group discussed the different types of questions students can come up with while in the field and how they can turn those into testable questions.


Later that day, the monarch group got up close and personal with the different stages of the life cycle. Lesley and Gerri learned how to handle the adults and differentiate males and females. Thanks again to everyone who was able to attend the training!


Evaluation tips

May you all be enjoying our lovely summer weather! I just want to check in briefly with the teams about evaluation materials. I believe everyone has received their evaluation orientation packet and should have either received the rest of the materials (such as youth surveys and consent forms) from or have been in touch with Grant about their schedule to get started with the initial data collection before the meetings start. If you have not received the materials you need, please either contact Grant or myself (Kim). We are here to support you, all you need to do is communicate! If you have any concerns or questions, please contact me either by email ( or phone (715-403-5241).

Research team updates

This space is FOR YOU! We will publish exciting news from your research team here. Send any stories or pictures you'd like published to Grant at

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