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Monday, August 27, 2012

Evaluation tips: Closing thoughts and important next steps

  • Adult leader planning and reporting forms

    Thank you so much for all your contributions to the evaluation process so far. We realize that programs like this require a little more effort for evaluation purposes and we really appreciate your cooperation. We are working on ways to make the adult leader planning and reporting form a little easier next year and would like to talk to some of the adult leaders about my ideas to get their feedback. If you would like to be contacted to offer your views, please email Kim at She will then contact you directly to discuss your experience and views with the form.

  • Parent's comments and feedback link

    Adult Leaders,

    I hope you have enjoyed your Driven to Discover program this summer. We often get random notes from parents about how the program has impacted their youth. We thought we would try being a little more proactive this year in getting feedback. We have created a short form that parents can access through a link to provide comments or stories about what their youth did within or outside the program. You can email them the link along with the text so they can provide us with any feedback about the program. Feel free to check the link out yourself before sending it. While sending the link is not mandatory, we hope that you will participate in the process. Thank you!

    The link below allows you to share anything you wish regarding the Driven to Discover program's impact on your youth or other feedback about the program. We encourage you to share your experiences or stories of how the Driven to Discover program has affected your youth's interest in studying the natural world.

    There is a checkbox at the end of the form for you to choose how confidential you wish to keep your information.

    Thank you! We appreciate your help keeping track of the larger impacts of Driven to Discover!

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