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Monday, July 30, 2012

Research team updates

This space is FOR YOU! We will publish exciting news from your research team here. Send any stories or pictures you'd like published to Grant at

  • Update from Michael G., youth research team member, Ohio

    Hi! It's Michael G., and I just wanted to say that I have made a video on my caterpillars I am taking care of here:

    I also found out that the tubercles on a cecropia moth caterpillar are orange and red depending on when they are going to molt, red being very close to molting.

    That's all!
  • Update from Anne Stevenson, project team member, University of Minnesota

    Here is a link to an article about a butterfly class Terri Haynes led for Anoka County 4-H in Minnesota:

    Research team members Isabelle and Katie also helped teach and work with the kids in this class of about12-15 kids! They used the monarch board game the group created last year, and shared their research displays with this group also.
  • Update from Kristina McCullough, adult research team member, The Renaissance Academy, Powhatan, Virginia

    Project Aviary (our team name) hosted a wildlife rehabilitator who brought in a variety of education birds to help us learn more about our study animals. In appreciation of that we conducted a supply and fund drive in support of their program. I thought it might be helpful to other teams to have a pre-built flyer if they wanted to do the same. (I hate reinventing the wheel!) It's attached here.
  • Update from Gerri Fitzloff, adult research team member, Stewart, Minnesota

    This last week we found some tussock moth larvae. The girls were really interested in learning all about these critters and why there were so many this year--and we had never noticed them the last two years. I think some of them may even do a project on them. We also found this toad a few weeks ago...


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